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Bubble Quilt – Puff Blanket – Biscuit Quilt

I’ve been working for a long time on this puff quilt, I started it around Christmas time and it just kept getting pushed to the side. When we were little we had this great bubble quilt that our grandma made us, and I wanted to make one for Ada. I only vaguely remembered what it looked like, so my puffs are much bigger, but it turned out great and Ada loves squishing the colorful puffs! I made a practice puff a while ago for my Puff Pin Cushion and kept the same dimensions.

I finally finished making an alternative method for making a bubble quilt, You sew the entire top together before you stuff the puffs! Check out the new tutorial here!

Check out my newest finished bubble quilts!

Here are some other bubble quilts!

The size I made is a little strange, it’s quite long and narrow, so for now we just play with it on the floor, but I’m thinking it would look amazing at the foot of her bed when we eventually turn it to a toddler bed.

Materials (for the size I made which was about 24×44 without the ruffle):
16 different colors of scrap fabric (if you want to do the rainbow)
1 yard cheap crappy fabric for the base of the puffs (you won’t be able to see them)
1 yard minky
1 1/2 yard silky fabric for the ruffle
Some poly-fil

Step 1: Pick out a bunch of scrap fabrics that you like.

Step 2: So for my blanket, I cut 7″x7″ squares for my bubbles, but they ended up being quite difficult to work with at the end since they were so big. I’d recommend making them 6″x6″ instead. So out of your fabrics cut out your squares and arrange them to your liking with 11 on the long side and 6 on the short side, so you end up with 66 total squares.

Now out of your ugly fabric (yes, mine is sweet quail fabric I got for free) cut out 66 4.5″x4.5″ squares.
Step 3: Now we’re going to make the puffs, all 66 of them. Place your two squares together so that the large square has it’s right side out and the small square doesn’t matter if it’s right side out or it. Pin the corner of one square to the corresponding corner of the other square. Repeat with all four corners.
Make two pleats on each side of the square and pin in place. On each side the folds should go in towards each other and make it so that the larger square sides match up with the smaller square’s sides.
Repeat on all four sides. Sorry about the blurry picture.
 Here’s a quick video of how to make the pleats as well as an alternative single pleat method. I made this in about 5 minutes, so it’s not perfect, but it does the job!

Sew around your square using a slightly less than 1/4″ seam to secure your pleats. Leave one of the corners open, but make sure your seam goes past the pleats on each side.
Now you can stuff your puff. I know it’s tempting to stuff them really full, but don’t because we’re going to have to sew the puffs together on the machine, and if they’re too big, they won’t fit. Repeat with all 66 bubbles.

Step 4: Lay out your puffs in the arrangement you want and then take to, pin one of the edges together and sew. I used a zipper foot because it enabled me to get the seam closer.

I sewed mine together in rows of 6.
Once you have all 11 of your rows of 6, you’ll need to sew them together. It’s crucial to pin them before you get going. I pinned at the seam and then again in the middle to help everything stick together.
Sew all of your rows together until your entire top is completed!

Step 5: Make a ruffle to go around your blanket. I didn’t show the steps to making a ruffle, but you can look here to learn how to make one. I cut six strips out of my silky fabric that were each 8″ wide. Then I followed the same steps. Cut our your minky to the size of your bubble top. Pin your ruffle on to the correct side of the minky with the ruffle going in toward the center and then sew it in place.

Lay your puffs right side up and your minky and ruffle piece right side down on top. Make sure all of the ruffle is going in toward the center (so you can’t see any).
Pin in place and then sew around. Be very careful not to snag the ruffle in the seam during this process. Just go slow and stick you hand in between the pins to straighten the ruffle as you go. Leave a large-ish opening, mine was about 7″ wide.
Turn you blanket right side out and hand stitch up the opening.
 You’re all finished!
 It’s beautiful and squishy too!



  1. Hi Skyler, I’m new at this and I would like to know what a minkey
    is please.

    • Minky is a soft and fuzzy fabric that you can find at pretty much any fabric store. I know that not everywhere calls it minky though. Joanne Fabrics calls it “soft n comfy” but most people will know what you’re talking about if you ask for minky. You also don’t have to use it, I just like it because it’s super soft! You can use anything you want to back your quilt. Good luck and have fun!

  2. I read through all your instructions and your right much easier to assemble, but if your going to make a larger size over all, attaching the back piece will be quite loose from the top piece would it not? Once right sided? How would one “quilt it so to speak” . Hope that makes sense! As only your edges will be attached together. Thanks lou

  3. Hi , i am going to try this blanket , and was wondering if for the bottom i could use 5 by 5 squares instead of 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 ? Thank you

    • Sandy, yes, you can pretty much do any size squares you want, you just may need to adjust the size of your top square to get the look you want. I would suggest making a scrap one for practice to see what you think!

  4. Would you be willy to make one and sell it. If so how much would you charge

    • I do sell some in my etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AwaitingAda However, I also take custom orders so you can have exactly what you’re looking for, so message me through etsy if that’s something you’re interested in. Thanks :)

  5. What is the blanket stuffed with?

    • I use poly-fil it just a fluffy filling that you can stuff pillows or stuffed animals with. You can buy it in any craft store and I’ve even seen it at walmart too.

  6. I am at the fill and hand stitch part (I went for the ‘updated’ option) and i’m SOOOO excited about this quilt! It is my favorite quilt I have EVER made. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Although, I must admit, I bought pre made ruffle….your tutorial intimidated me! HAHA! I’ll buy a ruffle foot and then give it a try :) I did 8×10 of the 6×6 in blocks!

    • Kristin, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blanket and the process! The ruffle is a beast to tackle, it’s definitely not my favorite part :) Shoot me an email when you’ve finished, I’d love to see a picture!

  7. This would be an awesome douvet couver since it’s only the edges that connect

  8. I have made my first quilt it was great enjoyed making it. Now my sister who is 45years wants a lap rug with dinosaur fabric ..think making a bigger one might be a challenge. Can’t wait to start it tho. Annette

  9. Hi Skyler. Thank you for your very clear tutorial! I’ve made two so far, and am getting TONS of compliments on it. Yes, the ruffle is a beast, but so worth it. Really makes for a nice finish!

    • Michelle, glad to hear it!!! You’re definitely an expert after two :)

  10. I’m just learning to sew, quilt, make afghans and such. I have 3 bed size quilts started would I use the same process to finish them as used for your puff blanket? I have been stuck for sometime on these. Thank you for your help. I’m going to make this puff blanket for my Grand Children. I’m,sure they will.like it as much as I do. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    • You can finish them however you’d like, but if they’re large, I wouldn’t recommend the ruffle, you may want to just use a standard quilt binding. Just google “quilt binding tutorial” hope that your grand kids love them!

  11. Hi Skyler, I was wondering about the washing instructions for the bubble quilts. Thank you.

    • Amanda, just wash on the delicate cycle and then in the dryer use the air dry or fluff dry option.

  12. That is just adorable!
    The only thing…I can’t figure out how many yards of fabric do I need? It says ’16 different colors of scrap fabric’ – half yard each color?

    • If you’re making one just like my rainbow one, you need at least a fat quarter of each color.

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  28. Why a minky at the bottom and not normal fabric?

  29. Ty for sharing this tutorial! I finished my first puff quilt yesterday and it turned out great! I have already gotten so many complements:) thanx again.

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