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More Bubble Blankets!

I’ve been working on several different bubble blankets lately and thought I’d post their pictures just for fun!
If you want to make one yourself, check out my tutorial!


  1. Very cool – I’ve never seen a blanket like that!

    Xo Jill


  2. Sre you selling these? I do not have the skills required to make one, but I LOVE the 8th picture down. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like it! I do sell the bubble quilts, contact me on my etsy page to order one (click the shop button at the top of my blog). I can make you one just like the one in the 8th picture!

      • Skyler, love the quilts and your tutorial is good. I have one suggestion, (don’t know why it took me 15 years to realize it, but it did). When you cut the smaller squares (the ones you are putting the slit in), put the slit in first. That way you don’t have to worry about cutting the front fabric and it is a heck of a lot easier to do.

        • That is a good idea, I did have a friend accidentally slice one of her outer squares while using this method and she had to hand stitch it closed 🙁

      • hi i was wondering where do you get your fabric i really wanna start making these they are just to cute!

        • I get my fabric from a bunch of different places: JoAnns, local quilt shops, and sometimes online too. It just depends what I’m looking for 🙂

      • Was so surprise?, shocked? please as all get out when I saw this, As about 45 years ago I had started
        this and regret that it’s still in process. Seeing this is bringing my fire out as I have about 5 big bags full of biscuits in need of putting together, I did my by hands back then. My plan was to make a full size for my bed back then as well. Now I have a queen size, Did you ever make a full size? I’m looking to see if I can find this. As my friend is trying to get me to have her to help me but not gonna.loll
        She also is telling me I can’t do the full size. grr Thanks, Betty

    • Are u willing to sell if so how much

  3. About how long do these take to make?? I’m nervous taking this project on!! Lol

    • Monique, it’s really variable how long it takes to make a bubble blanket. But I’d estimate that for your first one (if it’s a small one) and you’re a semi-experienced seamstress, it should take you about 10-15 hours. It sounds like a lot, but lots of it can be done while watching tv at night like pinning, stuffing and hand stitching, so it’s not too bad! Happy sewing!

  4. My 9 year old daughter is wanting to learn to sew. She loves this bubble quilt so I figured it was a great project. She has a Mack for detail, so it should be fun. I lucked out and found fleece blankets for $ 2.50 so I bought a bunch. Can’t wait to start, wish me luck.

  5. These are amazing! How many yards did you need for the Minky & ruffles with the 10 x 10 bubbles?

    • Well, the 10×10 bubble blankets in these pictures are of mini bubbles, so I just needed a 30″x30″ square of minky, so you just need 1 yard. For the ruffle on these blankets I used 1 1/4 yards.

  6. SUPER BUBBLES – I love the pink one… and the others also :)))

  7. This would be a wonderful sensory blanket for someone with autism. What do you use inside the puffs?

    • Kris, I agree, one of these blankets could be awesome for someone with autism who has sensory needs. I just stuff them with poly-fil (the stuff in pillows and stuffed animals), but if you were making a tactile blanket, you could stuff the puffs with various things for variety. You’d just have to be careful about washing it!

  8. Urocza jest ta kołderka, muszę uszyć podobną.

  9. I was wondering what amounts of fabric I would need to make an 8ftx10ft bubble blanket for my son. I’m 5 months pregnant and want this to be my present to him when he is born. We have hard tile floors and this seems great to play on. What fabric measurements would I need?? Thanks for the help.
    ~happy mom to be.

    • Hi! A 8’x10′ blanket would be a huge undertaking, a definite labor of love 🙂 Ok, so so a 8’x10′ blanket corresponds to 24×30 bubble rectangle for 720 total bubbles. To make each bubble, you need you top fabric square which shows on top, and your bottom fabric square which holds the stuffing in. Out of the fabric you need for your top fabric squares which are 6″x6″ you would need 3 yards of fabric. For your bottom squares which are 4.5″x4.5″ you would need 2 1/4 yards. (This is assuming that you’re using standard 42″ wide cotton fabric). For your backing fabric (assuming that you use minky and it’s 60″ wide) you’ll need 5 1/2 yards, two pieces 96″ long each that you’ll have to piece together to make the 96″x120″ rectangle. As for the ruffle, I would not recommend doing a ruffle for that large of a blanket, you might explode. It would be horrible to try to wrangle that much ruffle, so I would use an alternative method to finish it off. Hope that helps!

      • Wow that does seen a bit overkill. I just want a decent sized blanket for him to play on in place of a not so safe throw rug. What do you recommend? Size wise and fabric size wise?

        • Britney, I think that a 7×9 puff blanket is a nice size for a baby, it has 63 bubbles total and is about 27″x33″ not including the ruffle. You would need 7 fat quarters for the top bubbles, 1 yard for the bubble backing, 3/4 yard for the minky backing, and about 1 yard silky fabric for your ruffle (or less depending on how wide you want your ruffle). This size is a lot more manageable. Here’s a link to a pic of one made in these dimensions.
          Hopefully that’s more along the lines of what you were looking for!

  10. i really want to try and make one of these quilts they are so adorable

  11. Im not into crafts but the bubble quilts are awesome. If you could make me one for my grand baby on the way it would be great. Let me know how and we can go from there.

  12. I would like a price on picture 3/4 and 9/10 please

  13. Hi. I would love to have a bubble blanket for my little girl. Could I buy one from you. Please let me know.

    Thanks ,

  14. I want one of these for my baby on the way but don’t know anyone who can make it. How can I get one for my baby? It would be so much better putting the baby on a cover on the hard floor.

  15. Could the whole project be hand sewn?

    • I’m sure it could, but it might take a super long time!

  16. Thank you for your tutorials and pictures. I was just wondering if you prefer mini bubbles or regular bubbles and how you determine which size you will use when making a quilt. These look interesting enough that I am thinking about making one for each of my grand babies and using their saved baby clothes. That way my children don’t have to keep hanging onto those baby clothes and baby items since they need the space. Also they will have a keepsake made by nana when I am no longer around. So important family memory keepsakes.

    • That is such a sweet idea, you’ve got lucky grand babies! I’ve actually only made 2 mini bubble quilts. I definitely prefer the regular size bubbles.

  17. I want to make a toddler/twin size can you help me out.Thank You

    • According to my google search a twin size mattress is “39”x76″ and the suggested quilt size is 68″x89″ This corresponds to a 17×22 puff rectangle for a total of 374 puffs.

  18. I have made a few of these for family and love making them. i have a friend that is going to pay me to make her one but i dont know how much to charge her. How do you figure out your prices for your bubble quilts?

    • Base how much you charge on A. How much your materials cost you and B. How long it takes you to make the blanket. You don’t want to end up paying yourself $2 an hour 🙂

  19. i love these blankets they are adorable i’ve started making one it’s 9×12 puffs. how long of strips do i need to make the ruffle? and is satin okay to use instead of silk?

    • forgot to ask. might be easier is if the top square if 6″ x 6″ the bottom square is 4.5″x 4.5″ how much ruffle for the one square? would 5″ be enough?

    • You can use anything you want for the ruffle, but just make sure it’s machine wash and dry. For that size, I’d probably use 6 strips of your fabric at width, which is usually around 40″ for most.

  20. I am starting one of the bubble quilts for my grand baby…your tutorials are fantastic!! I’m wondering whether to do a single pleat or a double pleat. Which do you prefer? I know there is more pinning with a double, but is the final product worth it? Do you have comparison pics?

    • After I did my first few bubble blankets with the double pleat, I decided to go for the single pleat. I think the final product looks similar enough, but that’s just me 🙂 I don’t have great side by side comparison pictures, but if you go to my bubble quilts page:


      and click the first link, you’ll see a double pleated one, the second link will show you the single pleated one.

  21. Umm. Is there a way to make a “tropical” fish? I’ve tried to draw it out a few times but it looks odd so I tried placing them still looks odd ^^

    But I love these they are so great!

  22. Ummm never mind I realized what my problem was XD Miscounted my squares/bubbles. Haha

  23. This is one of the best baby blanket ever I have I started one hope it turn out ok I like the way you filled it later I could not get the other done you make it so easy thanks

  24. Hi, i’d like to have one of these marvellous bubble quilt for my baby! how much does it cost?
    i’m italian

  25. I would like to know how many bubbles does it take to make a king size bubble blanket ? I would also like to know how much one would cost for the same size ?


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