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Where Are You?

Ok, so I know I missed FQF (which stinks because I have a super adorable thing I made) and I’m going to miss weekend sweets, but it’s because I’ve met my image quota here on blogger so I’m switching over to a self-hosted blog with a new look! See you again really soon (hopefully by next FQF)! Thanks for reading!


  1. I can’t wait to see the brand new Awaiting Ada blog! So exciting!!! Jk

  2. HI, love the rug just cut out my main squares 6″ x 6″ , is the underpart still 4.5″ x 4.5″ as your original instructions were for a 7″ inch square.
    When I place the two together there is only a tiny difference and the picture shows the underpart to be a lot smaller.
    Hope I’ve explained it clearly !!

  3. Hi I am making a bubble quilt and I have been wondering how do you wash them when they get dirty? I appreciate any help you can give me. Also I love doing this I thought it would be a lot harder but it was actually really simple!!!


    • I machine wash and dry mine on delicate settings. Glad it’s going well for you!

  4. Ok I keep loosing my questions so I’ll post here. When I get the backing on my bubble blankets they seem kinda loose is this normal? My bubbles are fine they turn out awesome all the time. Thanks for any help!! Nancy

    • Nancy, Sorry, your comments weren’t lost, I just have a spam problem, so I have to sift through all the comments to find the legitimate ones and approve them. I just had a baby, so I’m a little behind! Yes, sometimes the back will seem a little looser once everything is all put together. It shouldn’t be really baggy or anything though. I find that tacking the layers together will help with this though. Hope that helps!

  5. Just finished the blanket! Never quilted before and it was a challenge. Love how it turned out. How can I send you a picture? Susan Simmons, Port Ludlow, WA

  6. Congratulations and I don’t know how a tiny woman like you can have a 9 lb. boy! OMG. Love the name Maxwell, I have a grandson named Maxwell, and he was 10 lbs. at birth.
    I finished a bubble quilt for an Angel Baseball fan. I will send a pic to you.
    Good luck and have fun mommy!


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