I am dying to cut my hair. It’s at this horrible length right now that is just driving me bonkers. To avoid drowning my sorrows in a bag of chocolate chips or going into a rage and using my sewing shears to hack away my locks, I’ve decided to try to do things that make my hair look cute. So, I made these adorable reversible headbands, and guess what, they’ve helped! I’ve kept the scissors away from my hair and mostly steered clear of the chocolate chips. They are incredibly quick and easy to make and would make perfect little gifts.


  • 2 fat quarters or scraps
  • 3/4″ elastic

Step 1: Cut two strips 2.5″x 16″ If you want to make this headband for a younger girl, make the dimensions more along the lines of 2″x13″, or better yet, measure her head, because I’m not a very good guesser.

 Put them right sides together

 and fold in half hamburger style. Make sure the edges meet up exactly.

Step 2: With your ruler, mark 3″ in from the corner and 3/4″ down. Connect the dots with a straight line. Then repeat on the other corner.

 Trim the little triangles off and unfold like so.

 Step 3: Cut your elastic to be the length you need to fit around your head where your headband will sit. So my head is 22″. So I took 22-16=6 Then I added 1/2″ for seams and what not, so I cut my elastic to be 6.5″ long. Open up one side of your headband sandwich and place the end of the elastic on the center of the short little end. Pin in place.

 Then put the headband sandwich back together and pin. Sew around the outside of the headband with a 1/4″ stitch leaving the other short end open as well as  3″ opening along one of the sides.

 Step 4: Turn the headband right side out through the large side opening and iron into shape.

 Take the small open end and turn the raw edges in 1/4″

 and stick the elastic inside so that about 1/4″ of the elastic is up in the headband.

Pin the elastic in place. Also, pin the other opening closed.

 Topstitch around the entire headband with a 1/16″-1/8″ seam. Make sure to backstitch across where the elastic meets the headband to reinforce it.

 You’re all done, Hooray!