This is a fun a simple project to make for the little guys (or little girls who want to be Avril Lavigne) in your life. Or in my case, soon to be in my life. My sister Aubry is pregnant, and it’s a boy! The baby shower is coming up in a couple weeks and I thought I’d whip together a cute little tie, or two. These are nice because they’re adjustable so they should last as your little guy grows and they also only need a fat quarter and some velcro! I based my tie off one from The DIY Mommy, and altered the pattern to my preference.

What? I’m reading here!


  • 1 fat quarter
  • vecro
  • Toddler Tie pattern
  • interfacing (optional)

Step 1: Print and cut out the pattern. Tape the ends together at the stars. Fold your fat quarter over like so and lay the pattern on top. If you want the tie to be a bit more sturdy, cut out some interfacing from the pattern too. I didn’t, but you certainly could.

Cut out the tie shape. You should have two pieces. If you’re using interfacing, attach it now.

Step 2: Make sure they are right sides together and sew around the tie leaving a 4″ opening near the fatter end of the tie. Clip your corners.

 Turn the tie right side out and iron flat. Use a knitting needle to help you turn the skinny part and to poke out all the corners. Hand stitch up the opening with a hidden stitch.

Step 3: Now cut two strips 1.5″x15″ from your fat quarter.

 Place them right sides together and sew around the strip leaving a 3-4″ hole for turning. Clip the corners.

 Turn the strip right side out and make sure to poke out the corners with a turning tool (I use a knitting needle). Iron flat and top stitch around the outside, 1/8″ from the edge.

 Cut 3″ strips of velcro and sew them on to the opposite ends and sides of the strip.

Step 4: Now we’re going to tie the tie. Start by placing the strap on top of the tie about 1/2 way down and folding the top of the tie over and to the side like so.

Fold the fat part of the tie over

 up behind everything

 and down through the loop. Pull and adjust until it looks nice and neat. You may need to try it a couple times to get it just right. Once you like it, you can either leave it like it is, or tack it down in a few places so the knot won’t come undone. I did this, but it’s up to you! You’re all done!

 I think the tie really goes with her outfit, don’t you? I apparently need a little baby boy…hint, hint Brian. Just kidding, I’m perfectly content at the moment thank you very much!

Look how studious she is. Books Books Books!