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Fat Quarter Friday: Dog Bow Tie

You may be thinking, “Gosh, what’s with all these bow tie tutorials?” Classic, Dr. Who-ian, Toddler. To that I say, “I like bow ties okay, geeze, clam down.” Besides, I just want to continue to widen the gap between myself and the people my husband hangs out with at work. Academic types don’t/can’t understand 1. stay at home moms and 2. crafts.

Them: “So what do you do, Skyler?”

Me: “I’m a stay at home mom.”

Them: “Oh…*looks puzzled* but what do you do?”

Me: “Well, I cook, clean, play with Ada, sew for etsy, and blog about my fascinating baking and crafting exploits, obviously.”

Them: *Flat line*

Blech, people with PhDs. (I’m being lighthearted here if you couldn’t tell, I don’t want a ton of doctoral students to teepee my house.)

Anyways, back to the important stuff: how to make your dog fancy. Look no further, dog bow tie that slips right onto their existing collar. All your prayers have been answered. Enter my handsome model, Hobi.


  • Dog collar
  • 1 fat quarter or scraps
  • scrap of interfacing
  • elastic (optional)

Step 1: Cut your rectangles for the bow. You’ll need two out of the fabric and one slightly smaller one out of interfacing. Here are the sizes I came up with, but you can do any size.

Small: fabric: 2″x6.5″ (cut 2), interfacing: 1.5″x6″ (cut 1)

Medium: fabric: 2.5″x8.5″ (cut 2), interfacing: 2″x8″ (cut 1)

Large: fabric: 3.5″x10.5″ (cut 2), interfacing: 3″x10″ (cut 1)

Attach your interfacing to the wrong size of one of the rectangles.

Put the two rectangles right sides together (the interfacing should be showing) and sew around three sides, leaving one short end open. Clip the corners.

Turn the tube right side out. I use a knitting needle to help me. Iron it flat and then tuck the raw ends of the open side in. Iron in place.

Fold the strip in half and sew like shown. I did a slightly smaller than 1/4″ seam here.

Iron that seam open as best you can and then turn the tube right side out so the seam is inside the ring.

Fold it up so it resembles a bow tie. Yay. No we’re going to make the ring that will hold the folds in place.

Now for the ring. Cut a rectangle. Small: 2″x2.5″ Medium: 2.5″x3.5″ Large: 3″x5″ If you make the ring and it’s not quite the right size then just cut another one and try again. Depending on the thickness of your fabric you may need to try once or twice to get it exactly right.

Fold it in half hot dog style and sew a 1/4″ seam along the long edge.

Turn the tube right side out (I used a safety pin to help turn it) and iron it flat. NOTE: If the collar you’re using is pretty thick, you may need to use the alternate method from this point on. Just scroll down to see how to add some elastic to the back of the bow tie ring. This may only be an issue for larger dogs.

Fold it in half and sew along the short side to make a ring. Iron open the seam

Turn it right side out and slip it onto your folded bow piece. Adjust as needed.

Slip the collar in on the backside of the bow.

Cute, right?

Dashing, no?

Oh, gross…

Alternate elastic method. So if you’re worried about the collar fitting through the back of the bow tie ring, then you should do this. Take about 1″-1.5″ of elastic and no, it does not need to be this thick, I would actually recommend a thinner elastic if you have it. Fold the edges under and sew it in place on the strip 1/4″ away from one edge.

Fold the strip in half with the elastic on the inside and sew 1/4″ seam on the short edge.

Turn it right side out so you see the elastic

and slip it on to the bow tie like regular.

Then you can just slip the collar though the elastic on the ring. Easy peasey!

My lucky dad doesn’t know he’s getting this for his dog Chester for Christmas. I know, who wouldn’t want me for a daughter. Thanks for raising me, taking me on awesome vacations, paying for my college education (which is clearly being put to good use), here’s a fancy dog collar. You’re welcome.



  1. This looks GREAT, Skyler! I love how you make your posts light hearted and funny! It just makes my day!
    “Funny people are my bestest friends.” *to be said in a little kid voice :)*

    • We should totally be bestest friends!

  2. My first eso gold and let me tell you, I will by no means be without the need of a pair again. Each individual time I deliver them, I get compliments.

  3. Love this, especially the elastic trick. Thanks for the walk through, four Christmas themed dog bow ties coming right up!

  4. I love this! Thank you for posting. You’re talented and funny too. Nice combo. 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂

  5. This is great, can’t wait to make one or four for my big lug of a dog! Have you considered putting these tutorials into pdf format for those of us that like to revisit awesome tutorials? THANKS!

    Stanlee’s Mom

    • Glad your pooch is going to get a fancy bow tie 🙂 I haven’t thought about doing the pdf thing, I’ll have to look into it. And by look into it, I mean ask my husband how hard it would be because I’m actually super awful at tech stuff, I barely know how to work this blog 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing! I just made this bow tie for Andy, my Standard Poodle, and he looks so darling in it!

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