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Five Fact Friday

1. On Sunday we went to Brian’s Great Grandmother’s 95th birthday party in Detroit. It was a 5 hour drive and we went there and back on the same day. It was a really long LONG time to be in the car, but Ada did great and it was fun meeting that side of Brian’s family (most of whom he’d never met either).

Also, Ada got to meet her Great Great Grandmother and they got a 5 generation photo which is pretty amazing. I hope Ada gets some of their great genes!

2. I love when I have custom orders for bubble quilts, it makes me happy.

¬†3. Ada and I went over to a friend’s house today to make chocolate covered strawberries for our menfolk. Or you know, for ourselves. Apart from the white chocolate “melting” into the consistancy of cottage cheese, it was really fun and easy. Ada really wanted to help, but found the whole business very messy and therefore unpleasant. She only tried to wipe her chocolate smeared hand on the wall a couple of times.

¬†Most of the time the girls played well together in the living room. And by “played together” I mean made messes near each other and tried to take whatever amazing toy or snack the other had. Everything is always better when someone else has it.

4. Ada and Brian made this sweet crown. This is Ada’s famous “oh this old thing?” pose.

5. Valentines Day. Fancy. ‘Nuff said.

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