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A Whole New World

You may think it’s a little over dramatic to claim Seattle is “a whole new world,” but it’s pretty crazy different from South Bend, Indiana. I’m also listening to the Aladdin soundtrack, so that may have something to do with it. Who can say… In any case, we are officially Seattlites (our whatever you call people who live in Seattle). We sold essentially all our belongings and headed west. Here are my esstute insights to the main differences:

1. Our House. In SB we rented a house with about 3,600 sq ft (if you include the basement). Now we live in a basement apartment of a house that has 650 sq ft. It’s a big change.

2. The Food. There are a thousand and one places to eat here, and none of them are chain restaurants (at least not near us). The food is AMAZING! In SB you’re lucky if you can find anything that’s not a fast food chain.

3. The Hills. SB is as flat as I am. Seattle is ridiculous. We live on top of a giant hill in a neighborhood called Queen Anne. To give you an idea, Brian can ride his bike to work in 5 minutes. It takes him 15+ to get home and he’s drenched in sweat. Sexy.

4. The Weather. SB had extremes. Horrible blizzard winters and blazing hot summers. Seattle is very mild and moist. It apparently always stays between 40 and 75 year round. I’ve been freezing my tuches off though because we live in a hobbit hole.

5. The People. There are people EVERYWHERE. It’s busy. There are fit tattooed hippies and hipsters around every corner and apparently you aren’t allowed to live here after 45. It’s like Logan’s Run.

6. Driving.  SB streets are super wide and fast. Here, there are cars parked on both sides of every street and there’s usually only room for one car to squeeze through. You have to parallel park pretty much anytime you want to park. Luckily, we live close to stuff, so we walk essentially everywhere (park, library, restaurants, grocery store, etc).

Here are some pictures of our new place.














  1. Definitely want to come visit. As for #2, I know you miss Barnaby’s…don’t try and deny it.

  2. Well congrats! I laughed at #3, here in TN that’s the norm! 😀 well, you’ll be well fit! 🙂

    Your previously silent, blog loving follower,

  3. It may be small, but I love what you’ve done with it! 🙂 Miss you guys!

  4. Welcome to the PNW! I live about 30 miles south of Seattle in a small town called Black Diamond. You will love it here. Don’t worry too much about the weather. We get a fair amount of rain but it’s not NEARLY as bad as the rest of the country thinks. It makes you really appreciate the beautiful days. No better place to live in the world!

    • Thanks! We’re definitely loving it here 🙂

  5. Hi! A friend just posted your bubble quilt tutorial on my fb wall – I need to make one! Then I saw that you just moved to Seattle (yes, Seattlite is the correct term), so I wanted to say welcome! I move here a year ago from Tucson, AZ and love it here. I don’t know if I could ever help you with anything, since I’m single and kid-less, but if you have any questions, hit me up 🙂

    • Thanks, I definitely will! We’re loving Seattle, it’s a great place to live! So much GOOD FOOD!

  6. I can completely sympathize with going from a larger space to a smaller space. My husband and I had a 1,200 square foot apartment with two little ones (both under the age of 2 at the time) to moving to a place that isn’t even 700 sq. foot because we wanted a yard for our boys and to save for our home buying process. I quilt also and right now my stuff is sitting in my room on a desk no bigger than a night stand. It’s been hard to try to find space to lay everything out. Looking at your pictures, though, I have to say that you have set everything up like it’s an IKEA catalog. It looks great and I hope you’re adjusting to a smaller space well. Good luck!

    • That’s so sweet, thanks! It’s an adjustment moving to a smaller place, but it’s actually not as hard as I thought it would be. I actually like how there’s a lot less house work and fewer places to lose things!! It is hard to adjust at first though. good luck to you guys as well!

  7. I just read the post that you are now living in Seattle. I live in Tacoma. We are originally from Tacoma but spent 23 years in Texas in about 1600 sq. feet. Four years ago we returned and were living in about 3000 sq. feet and now for the last couple years we are down to about 800 sq. ft. My kitchen table is my “craft space” and I have to be very creative about finding storage spaces. Your place looks really cute. I am currently working on a bubble quilt 5′ x5′ to be large enough for our twin granddaughters to sit on for playtime. Your tutorial is great. Well, it is time to start sewing my strips together and then start stuffing them. Hope you don’t melt in all this rain we are having 🙂

    • We’re loving Seattle so far, but this week has been pretty rainy! Luckily my daughter doesn’t mind splashing around in the puddles when we have to walk places! Storage has been one of the biggest issues for me switching to a smaller place, you definitely do have to get creative! I’m lucky that my husband doesn’t mind me taking up so much of our space with my craft area, I’d go crazy with out it! You definitely have very lucky granddaughters, a bubble quilt that size is a labor of love 🙂 Thanks so much for the comment and stay dry!

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