Lets see. My name is Skyler Shourd, I’m a wife and new mother in my 20’s. In my mind, I’m 1 part nerd, 1 part hot girl, and another part crafty old lady. I’ve been sewing, crafting, baking and being happy for as long as I can remember.

I can’t really think of much else to say, so like many bloggers before me, I’m going to list some random factoids about myself and my life.

I enjoy trashy television shows such as What Not to Wear and Bridalplasty. What, don’t judge, you know you secretly like them too.
I hold a SciFi/Fantasy book club at my house.
I’m tall, 5’10”.
I do Crossfit. And not just to gawk at the guys with ridiculous muscles.
My husband and I met in 2nd grade.
I used to play in a ska band.
Food is one of my best friends.
Yes, I’ve played D&D before (that’s dungeons and dragons for all you non-nerds out there).
I’m a licensed special education teacher.
My daughter is named after a computer programer and a fictional character from the Wheel of Time series.
Diet Coke is my vise.
I’m caught in a vicious cycle of trying to grow my hair out and then cutting it all off.
There is currently no music on my phone, only audiobooks. Update: There’s some toddler music on it now.
A night in playing board/card games is my idea of a good time.
I don’t have a facebook.

Why AwaitingAda? Well, when I was pregnant with Ada and I was finished with work, I was bored and getting really anxious for the baby to come. So, I decided to start a blog to occupy my neurotic brain, hence AwaitingAda.

Also, I like unicorns…