Since my bubble quilts have become such a hit, I thought I’d give them their very own page! I will continue to update this page each time I complete a new bubble blanket, or when people send me pictures of ones they’ve finished. If you’d like me to post your bubble quilt picture, please email me

New and Improved Tutorial


Original Bubble Quilt Tutorial

 Other Resources:

Ruffle Edging

Mitered Corner Edging

Tips for Sewing a Large Bubble Quilt


Blankets I’ve Made So Far…

This pixel owl bubble blanket is pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Two blankets for a customer’s daughter and granddaughter.

 These next two were for baby showers for my sister and a wonderful family friend! Happy Babies!

Here’s a custom ombre blue one I made for someone through Etsy.

I made this massive blanket for my brother. It has 462 bubbles and took me 60 hours to complete. I’m pretty much the best sister ever, right?

These next two have mini bubbles.


Blankets Others Have Made

 This is the original quilt my grandma made roughly 30 years ago.

Here is another beautiful blanket made by Shelley E. I love the hot pink ruffle! So fun and colorful!

Sandy T’s done it again! Here are four of her latest creations.

 Here is another adorable blanket/caterpillar combo from Sandy T. She’s made a ton of these beautiful babies!

 This stunning pink and grey blanket was made by Susan S. Love the colors and design! Can you believe this was the first quilt she’s ever made? Flawless!


This super adorable quilt is from Nicole G. Be sure to look closely at the edging, very unique!

Here are three fantastic bubble quilts from Stephanie A.

 This beautiful and colorful blanket was made by Samantha.

 Here’s another from Ally E. a fun and unique design with minnie mouse fabric.

Diane S. sent pictures of two bubble blankets. Her first was a colorful batik

 and her second is a fun sensory Frozen bubble blanket. She used velvet, satin, flannel and cotton to make the bubbles and stuffed them with fun things like crinkle paper and rattles. She said that the materials from are machine wash and dry! Thanks for the great tips Diane!

 This fun blue one is from Lea N. She did a fun quilted backing too!

This cute Strawberry Shortcake one is from Shelley E.

This bright rainbow blanket is from Ally E.

Here’s an luxurious bubble blanket made from super soft minky from Pam J.

 Here’s another from the talented Sandy T.

 Here’s three from Katrina F. The multi-colored cotton ruffle is an awesome idea!




Here’s a fun one from Paige K, love the pink and grey.

This is a stunning blanket and caterpillar from Traci D.


This is the second bubble blanket Sandy T. has made, and if you look in the corner, you can see a cute little bubble caterpillar she made to match! So sweet!


Preethi from India made one with a matching pillow for her daughter, so beautiful!

I am in awe of this beautiful blanket by Joseph K. Yes, men can sew too!

He tied yarn in between the bubbles to hold the layers together. Perfect!

 I love this pirate themed blanket from Hayley!

This fun and colorful blanket is from Jen E.

These three blankets are from April K. and are her first sewing projects! One is for her niece and two are for lucky dogs!

This one is from first time seamstress, Jesse C.

This is my friend Geena’s bubble quilt.

 This one is from Breanna S. who made all the bubbles out of minky! Uh, can you say cuddly?

This beautiful one is from Barbara K.  Gotta love the rainbow!

This girly purple one is from Jacki S.

 This vibrantly colored quilt is from Cheryl B.

Another beautiful rainbow pattern from Sandy T.

This fun boy one is from Erin W.

 Here’s Maria’s with cute little ducks.